Assisi loop


Non-pharmaceutical pain management

The Assisi loop uses targeted pulsed electromagnetic frequency to manage pain and inflammation.   Owners and therapists alike are reporting good results anecdotally, and there is much research to support the use of pulsed electromagnetic therapy.  

The device is prescription only, so not available for purchase other than through an approved veterinary professional, such as us!  One loop (either size) costs £250, which includes P&P.  As it is a prescription device, your animal will need to have been examined by the veterinary physiotherapist, in order for us to decide if it is suitable for your pet.



Would it be suitable for my pet?

The device has to be worn or placed on the animal.  There are some contraindications (medical conditions) that make this device unsuitable.  If we are already using pulsed magnetic field therapy in our treatment of your pet, it is likely that this will be suitable for use in between our visits.   Click on the link below to read more about the science. 


Still got questions?

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